Monday, March 10, 2014

FXB fit challenge

We newbies were allowed to enter our first FIT challenge last week.  Pay $40, lose 3% of your body weight and split the pot with others who met that goal at the end of the month.  YAY!

I talked to Dan this morning about my concerns regarding not losing pounds.  He expressed concern that maybe my thyroid is not working right, which causes you to gain weight, and encouraged me to have it checked.  While this may be a logical explanation, I have been unemployed and without insurance for months.  Instead, I talked to my friend, who is a nutrition sponge, and our conversation and some research led me to this conclusion:  I am going to increase my iodine consumption as well as start taking a couple of supplements, including a multi-vitamin (I do not take any supplements/vitamins currently.) and decrease my overall food consumption, but keep emphasis on protein more so than carbohydrates.  I plan to get most of my carbs from vegetables and fruits.  I need to make sure I get my good fats at every meal and add more exercise.

These tweaks should help me win the challenge as well as kick-start weight loss.  Wish me luck!

(not relevant, but VERY funny!)

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athena said...

Stephanie - I encourage you to get yourself signed up through the Affordable Care Act as soon as possible! They will get you something and of course when you are employed again you can reassess. In the meantime, get yourself as much coverage as you can and fast! The cut-off date for getting coverage is March 31st. I helped sign a family member up who has no income at all and she was able to get something in 3 minutes! Do it! Do it! Do it! That's why it's there and then you can really get your thyroid checked.